DFSocial Staking ๐Ÿ’ฐ

In DFSocial Staking Portal you can find DFSocial Active Staking Pools.

DFSocial Staking Pool A - Ethereum Network [ACTIVE]

This pool has 1,500 $DFSocial tokens for reward stakers. The APY is fixed and equal to 72%.

  • Staking fee = 1.0%

  • Unstaking fee = 0.5%

Staking Contract: 0x2EF187d433D3d082fe37c490dAACA21C0A16CC9C Etherscan explorer: https://etherscan.io/address/0x2EF187d433D3d082fe37c490dAACA21C0A16CC9C Contract status: Contract Source Code Verified

Note: You will be able to unstake anytime.

DFSocial Staking Pool B - Ethereum Network [COMPLETED]

This pool has 3,500 $DFSocial tokens for reward stakers. The %APY is variable and up to +750%.

Staking Pool B has been completed, you can check all the details on Medium: https://defisocial.medium.com/1st-burn-event-staking-pool-b-completed-fb1d911d5800โ€‹

How do you start staking with DFSocial?

  • You can use Metamask wallet to buy $DFSocial on Uniswap.

  • Access to DFSocial Staking Portal and connect your Metamask to the Ethereum Network.

  • You will be able to choose an Active Staking Pool and stake your $DFSocial tokens to start receiving rewards.

How are the rewards distributed?

  • The reward model can allow you to earn up to 72% interest for each year of staking completed in pool 1.

  • A DFSocial holder can stake and unstake at any time.

  • Staking rewards will last as long as there are tokens available (i.e. 1,000 $DFSocial initially dedicated to Pool A).

Staking with numbers

If you stake 1 $DFSocial:

  • You will pay a commission of 0.005 (1*0.5%)$DFSocial for staking and 0.004975 (0.995 * 0.5%) for unstaking $DFSocial.

  • If you were in the +72% pool and claim the reward after two months of locking the tokens, you will earn 72% / 6 = 12%. That is 0.1194 (0.995 * 0.12 ) $DFSocial.