What are DFSocial and bDFSocial

What is DFSocial and bDFSocial

DFSocial and bDFSocial are both the same token but on different chains.

In the beginning, only DFSocial (on the Ethereum Network) was available. Upon completing the first tournament, the team began working on implementing the token on the Binance SmartChain due to the significantly lower fees that the BSC provides.

After the initial launch a month later, the bDFSocial token entered the DFSocial ecosystem. It is the same token as it is a bridge through BurgerSwap - at a ratio of 1 DFSocial token for 1 BDFSocial token. Each token has different use-cases. Learn about each token’s use-cases by referring to the help section here.