How does the Gaming Pass works?

Brand-new features to promote participation in all tournaments

When you decide to join a tournament you will have to fulfill one of the two following requirements:

  • OPTION 1: You can proceed to a one-time sign up for the tournament in which you will need to lock up to 2 bDFSocial depending on the tournament tier.

  • OPTION 2: Access via "Monthly Pass" where you need to lock up to 4 LP tokens for a period of one month granting access for one person to all tournaments of that tier held in that month.

Monthly Pass owners please be aware when joining a tournament you will need to select the option "Monthly Pass" and only confirm the transaction "Join", no need to "Approve".

Each Gaming Pass only grants access for one registration per tournament. Gamers registered can be different each tournament.

We offer three different tiers to get the Gaming Pass depending on the number of LP tokens you lock up.

  • ONLY-PRO Tier โฉ Four (4) LP tokens - access to ALL tournaments.

  • SEMI-PRO Tier โฉ Two (2) LP tokens - access to SEMI-PRO and REGULAR tournaments.

  • REGULAR Tier โฉ One (1) LP tokens - access to REGULAR tournaments.

To access this feature please refer to the bottom of the Gaming Section. Once there you have to click "GET THE PASS" and follow the instructions that will show up.

After that you will be a proud owner of the Gaming Pass ๐Ÿ˜Ž