DFSocial Gaming Platform ๐Ÿ•น

DFSocial Gaming platform is the place where DFSocial holders can play games to earn $bDFSocial tokens.

Gaming is the core of your project. Gamers are able to earn rewards while playing their favourites games.

We are giving up to twenty (20) $bDFSocial per tournament as total prize (around $5,000 at current prices).You never risk losing your crypto; you can only win.

Currently we offer the following games:

Tournament Access and Prizes

First thing people usually have in mind is: "Do I have to pay to access a tournament?"

You do not need to pay us, you just need $bDFSocial tokens!

Our tournaments are based on tiers. Each tier requires a different amount of tokens to be locked up proportional to the total prize. Check our tournament's tier โ€‹here.

We also have a Monthly Gaming Pass that allows you to access ALL tournaments for the tier that most suits you. Check our Gaming Pass here.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Our unique model allows everyone to take advantage of our Gaming Platform: Gamers and Sponsors can earn rewards from both playing their favourite games and sponsoring the best players around the world.

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