DFSocial is pleased to announce that we’ve accomplished one more objective on our roadmap. We’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to bring something unique to our community.

Today we’re going to present: DFSocial NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)! This addition will change the game for both gamers and sponsors. We’re going to incorporate the NFTs into the ecosystem in a very different way.

DFSocial’s NFTs will consist of different collections. The first one will be released shortly, and it will be DFSocial’s very first NFT collection; therefore, we want to make it memorable for our supportive and loyal community.

The first NFT collection will consist of two (2) types:

  • Collectibles: A set of NFTs for collectors who want these rare and valuable tokens with perks that are exclusive to those who obtain the very first of DFSocial’s NFTs. Each will provide unique bonuses that will be released in the future. The holders of these NFTs will become a part of DFSocial’s history — with the added advantage of the future potential price appreciation due to its rarity and perks. The first set of this kind will contain an NFT representing each game included in the DFSocial Gaming Platform.

  • Bonus: Take advantage of extra perks — whether they’re playing, sponsoring, or both — they’ll be able to have capitalized on more benefits, added rewards, obtained unrestricted access to tournaments and more! Missing out on this rare opportunity could be seen as catastrophic.

Team DFSocial would like to clarify that these NFTs are extremely limited. There will be initially just one (1) of each in circulation, globally🔥