DFSocial Gaming Intro
DFSocial is the gaming platform where anyone can earn even if you're not a gamer! You can benefit from sponsoring skilled gamers and keep earning with Staking, Farming, Predictors and many more.
As we are all aware, there is a stunning amount of gamers with great skills that are only able to play for fun. It is very difficult to stand out in the gaming industry and even more so without a team or sponsor who will vouch for you and your potential.
At DFSocial we are decided to change this vision. On our platforms, any gamer will be able to monetize their skills in our monthly tournaments we organize. We currently support 11 of the most popular games: League of Legends, Brawl Stars, Valorant, Rocket League & FIFA, CS GO, Poker, Minecraft, Call of Duty, Clash Royale, and Chess. We are not stopping at just these games! There are many more to come in the near future!
If you are good at playing, why not be rewarded for it?

DFSocial Ecosystem

DFSocial has integrated the gaming universe with DeFi (Descentralized Finance) and NFTs to bring a unique experience within ecosystem. That's not all! Our Predictors allow DFSocial's holders to earn by guessing the correct results of our events. DFSocial is focused on the competitive world and that's where DFSocial Showdowns come in. We organize worldwide events where streamers and professional players compete for big prizes. The team is constantly adding new features to our platform so make sure to stay tuned on our announcements on our social media accounts and be among the first to benefit from our new systems!

DFSocial History

DFSocial was launched in December 2020 with our very first token $DFSocial on the Ethereum blockchain. The team decided on February 2021 to bridge our ERC-20 token to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) under the $bDFSocial symbol due to the high fees of the Ethereum network. Both tokens had the same value but different utilities. Our ERC-20 token was focused on the DeFi services (Staking and Farming) while our BEP-20 was the token used for our Gaming Platform.
On September 23rd 2021 we deployed our new BEP-20 token $DFSG on Binance Smart Chain. We announced it on October 1st 2021 where users swapped the old tokens to $DFSG on our website. Our new token $DFSG on Binance Smart Chain unifies all our services and liquidities into one token with the low fees of BSC network.
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