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The First DeFi-Gaming Token.

DFSocial Team's mission is to develop a value-added token and community-centered product. DFSocial Gaming aims to bring together the services of Decentralized Finance protocols (Staking and Farming) combined with gaming. Our long-term vision is a gaming platform with a mobile app so that holders can earn gaming rewards from anywhere.

Community support is crucial for DFSocial Team. For that reason, we have a community reward mechanism that allows our community to earn tokens to help the team with various tasks.

"Earn crypto by competing on the first DeFi platform playing games on the blockchain."

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission as a team is to develop a value-added token and a community-centered product. Without a doubt, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) offers the best and most demanded services today. It is not a coincidence that multiple protocols have been developed to provide this type of market participant the yield that traditional finance cannot offer. The only requirement is an Internet connection, which allows you to bypass the centralized limitations of a traditional financial institution.

DFSocial has been developed with the end-user in mind and will provide you with the established and proven method of staking and farming services.

Also, users will be able to engage and compete with the rest of the community through interactions with contracts that add value while making DFSocial the first DeFi-Gaming project in the world!

Why DFSocial ?

DFSocial has all the features of other DeFi protocols, incorporating improvements and services such as a unique gaming experience.

Accessibility: At DFSocial Team we are committed to providing an easy user interface. We want the usability to be as easy and intuitive as possible.

Services: We offer services from both industries; Staking and Farming (DeFi) by one side and earning while playing games (Gaming).

Project Security: Security is vital to safeguarding a blockchain protocol and ensuring the platform's longevity. The DFSocial (ERC-20) smart contract is identical to the $YFDAI (ERC-20) smart contract.The DFSocial smart contract was successfully audited by Blockchain Consilium, a prestigious auditing firm, which guarantees a very high level of security - the same goes for the staking smart contracts. The rest of the smart contracts have been fully audited. To promote transparency and trust, all devs and team funds will be locked into public smart contracts.

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