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Liquidity providers can now earn extra $DFSG (in addition to trading fees) by depositing their LP tokens in the DFSG/BNB Farm.
Stake your LP tokens to earn $DFSG tokens!
  • Options: 6 months, 400% APR | 3 months, 300% APR | 1 month, 200% APR.
  • Boost +400% APR using 50 SP points!
  • Minimum Deposit: 100 LP.
  • 0% Deposit and 0% Withdraw fee.
  • Initial Rewards Allocation: 50,000 $DFSG.
Farming Platform 👉 https://earn.dfsocial.com/farming​
Farming Contract 👉 0x9be7Bd181ea50F815d3115776513db05D064597b​
How it works?
  • Select one of the 3 given options.
  • Additionally, farming can start with a +400% APR boost by using 50 SP obtained from Battle Passes. Be aware that this boost can also be done after the LP tokens have been added to the farm. Once the boost is activated it lasts forever.
  • Holders can add more LP to their previous option selected. This action resets the lock-up period.
  • “Add more” and “Withdraw” actions do automatically claim the pending rewards to the user’s wallet.
Note: % APR is calculated on the basis of your deposited LP tokens and paid in DFSG.


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