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Set up MetaMask

Get your wallet ready to store $DFSG!
You will need:
  • A Metamask account to buy, sell, transfer and store your tokens. You can create it here.
  • Add the BNB Chain network to Metamask.
  • Add our $DFSG token
Learn how to do this with our YouTube tutorial or find the instructions at the end 👇

Guide to set up your Metamask

  • Enter metamask.io and follow the instructions to create your Wallet.
  • Click on "Ethereum Mainnet" and scroll down to "Custom RPC" .
  • Enter the information exactly as shown in the picture and text below.
  • The last step requires to switch to the correct network, click "Binance Smart Chain".
Network Name: Binance Smart Chain
New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/
Chain ID: 56
Currency Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL (optional): https://bscscan.com

Add $DFSG Token to Metamask

1) Automatically

Go to BscScan page > click the button with 3 dots > click on "Add Token to Web3 Wallet". Check out the picture below.

2) Manually

Open your Metamask wallet > Scroll all the way down > click on "Import tokens" and enter the following data, and when done click on "Add Custom Token":
  • Token Address: 0x612C49b95c9121107BE3A2FE1fcF1eFC1C4730AD
  • Token Symbol: DFSG
  • Decimals: 18