DFSocial ⏩ bDFSocial [ERC 20 to BEP20]

This example will show you how to convert an ERC-20 asset to BEP-20.

Check our YouTube video for detailed steps.

To convert your BEP-20 assets to ERC-20 make sure you are connected under the Ethereum Network in your Metamask account.

  1. Access BurgerSwap in the Bridge tab and connect your Metamask wallet under the Ethereum Network. In the section ERC-20 to BEP-20, desplegate the tab and search our token $DFSocial.

2. Click on "Approve" and then “Create crosschain assets”. Confirm both transactions in Metamask.

Please be aware you will need ETH to cover fees for transaction "Approve" and also BNB (BEP20) in your Metamask wallet to redeem the crosschain tokens.

3. After your transaction is confirmed wait for BurgerSwap to ask you to change the underlying chain to Binance Smart Chain. Change it to Binance Smart Chain (BCS) in your Metamask wallet.

4. Once you are under the Binance Smart Chain scroll down to the bottom of the Bridge page to find your transaction in the Transit record. Click on "Receive". Pay the fees and you will have bDFSocial in your Metamask account.